Wheatstone 40 channel 8 buss 20 mono channels
20 stereo channels w/8 matrix switch per channel. Yamaha NS10's Jbl monitors

Radikal SAC 2.2 controller
JBL and QSC Control room amplification.
Midatlantic racks


DAW: Cubase 7 64 bit
Win 7 64bit WavLab 7



12 ADC MKII patchbays and top quality cables.




Otari MX 80 2” analog tape machine
Sony PCM-2600 DAT Machine
Fostex RD8 ADAT Machine

Lynx Aurora 16
Rane sp 15 parametric EQ
UAD 1 and 2 cards w/1176ln, LA2A, Cambridge EQ , SSL channel Strips, etc.
Halion Symphony Orchestra 24bit
Drumagog 5
POD XT Pro amp Modeler w/ pod farm and gear box
30 band stereo graphic EQ
Aphex aural exciter type C
Yamaha GEP 50 guitar and effects processor
DBX Crossovers
Alesis compressor/limiters.
Alesis Quadraverb 2
Multiple Sampling software from Halion with a large sample library.



Furman & ART headphone amps / Beyer Dynamic, Yamaha, Sony and AKG headphones


6’ x 8’ custom isolation booth by Drum Perfect.
A wide variety of microphones.


Drum room has an 8 piece Vintage Slingerland set and a Roland Vdrum TD20.


10’ x 20’ Amp room
18’ x 24’ Control Room w/ comfortable seating
Marshall, Laney, and Peavey guitar amps and Cabinets all 4 x12
M-audio Axiom 61 keyboard and midi controller
Hartke Systems Bass amplification

MarshallArts.org - created by and for users of Marshall amps!


multiple different guitars to chose from , like Dean, Jackson, Yamaha, etc…
3 DeanML’s
1 Dean Z
1 Dean Caddy
1 Jackson RR5
1 Jackson soloist
1 Dean V
1 Yamaha 12 string
1 Dean exotic acoustic
1 Kramer
1 Dean Bass