Here are a few of our clients

The Bathtub Marys


Crimson Sky

Luke Mitchem

Brian Madden Project **

David Longendyke Band

Stacie Fredrich **

Electric Grannys**

Gene Yesse Smith**

Mark Spivey**

Daron Nedio



** in progress projects
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"As a teen band new to recording, OTM Studio was a great choice", "Brian really got to know all of the band members and finds out the sound that we were all looking for which really helped alot", "The studio's recording, editing, and mixing products and software are top notch and could bring out the best in whatever sound, effect, or tone we were looking for" "Our goal was to record and mix a 3 song E.P. using our low budget fund and what came out of it was MUCH greater than what we had expected to get going into the studio" "Fun times, cool experience, and we will most definitely go back again!"


Thank you Brian at Over the Mountain Recording Studios, We really apprecite your help in recording/mixing/mastering our Demo CD. The sound is awesome!. The fact that we were able to record the demo within our time and budgets constraints was extremely important. I believe that we were able to do it under budget and time because of your effienciency and professionalism. Brian was always prepared for the sessions, having everything ready when we arrived. The studio was always very clean and the equpiment was absolutely top of the line. It was also a very relaxing, friendly atmosphere which really helps the creative process. look forward to doing more work In the future,
Thank you Brian,

Andre, Bret, Phil and Dave of Crimson Sky
"As a singer songwriter, my experience with OTMRS couldn't have been better! OTMRS not only offers competitive rates, but also a sense of family with the combination of hospitality and professionalism. The atmosphere at OTMRS was encouraging and allowed for creativity. OTMRS has top of the line equipment and various options for recording depending on the artists preference. If you're looking for a professional, friendly atmosphere, then I highly recommend OTMRS! I'm looking forward to working with Brian again in future!


"I have logged many hours at Over the Mountain Recording Studio and have worked personally with Brian Madden on different projects. I found the studio equipment to be top notch, competitive for today's recording needs, and accommodating to all musicians. The studio includes a vocal sound-booth and a drum room (house drum-kit available) which allows the option to record your album or track live. Brian's laid-back, upbeat personality and quality engineering skills and equipment has made recording at OTMRS comfortable and effortless. I look forward to our future projects!"

-Blake Manion Drummer Bathtub Marys and Daron Nedio Projects

You are truly someone who 'genuinely cares' about the final product hehands to his clients. Not only do you invest in the equipment needed to make them sound great, you offer the feedback that is needed to sound even better. I really appreciate the attention you paid to what I was trying to achieve. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone. If anyone wants to talk to me directly about you, please feel free to give them my phone number. I would be more than happy to talk to them directly.

- Richard Race.